CEO Stories from the Vault “The Communte”(Vol.1)

I thought I should start writing these down.

this is one of my favoirites.

“The Commute”

When you get a job that is not remote like ours (we are a production company, we literally work on a large team daily), you know three things.

  1. Where you live. You know your address.
  2. Where the Business is. You also know that address. You have bene there before to interview, and have googled it.
  3. How much the potential job is paying you.

Its at this point where you get to make a decision. You get to decide, “is it worth it” If your drive is long or short, you get to figure out is this going to be worth it, every single day.

I remember when I had just moved to Florida, and one job I had was working in the Apple Retail Store in Miami Beach on Lincoln Road. My wife and I had one car that she used with our baby. I drove a scooter. Figured it would save a TON on gas, and it was a cool way to ride around the city. However, I lived in Fort Lauderdale. and though it may say its about 30min drive on Google Maps, anyone that knows South Florida knows that drive is about 1 hour because of all the traffic, and thats in a car. Remember I drive a scooter.

I got the job. And my wife and I decided that the pay and the commute on the Scooter was worth it. So everyday I left 2 hours early to drive to work. If my shift started at 9am, I left at 7am. I would take all local roads, which mean driving on the beach so that was great, but i did that every single day for 2 years. And remember its south floria, it would rain all the time, so i learned I needed a few things. I kept the following inside my scooter at all times

  1. Windbreaker Jacket
  2. Helmet
  3. Goggles (my go the eyes)
  4. Change of clothes

Since it rained all the time i would get completely soaked on the drive (rain feels like getting hit with needles) and then i woudl change when i got to work.

I never EVER once told my employer, who there was no change you could ever be late. If your late at Apple 3 times, no matter what, you are fired, regardless of your position. I never told my employer, “oh man this is hard cause of the drive”, or “I don’t think I do this”, or “I thought I could be this is really hard”

No. I decided it. So I did it. The end.

I think young creatives these days lack so much dedication and drive and most people that I see on social media, their word means absolutely nothing.

While I used to think we have progressed in so many ways (especially tech) we have regressed in countless others. Mainly work ethic.

Obviously everyone can quit for any reason. But If you live far away and think about the decision that you have to make. Don’t waste your time or the companies time.

and finally

Let your Yes, be Yes.

And your No be No.

Words matter.


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