I’m having a moment.

I have so many stories to tell. None of them are cool, or trendy, or are for no reason.

Each one of them are so deep. They all mean something to me. They all represent something that i’ve been though.

This next chapter of life is going to be special.

I got into the DGA. A life long dream of mine, and i’m really still processing it all.

To me, making films is like sleeping. its just something I do. I can’t not do it. Its just like breathing. If I'm breathing, then i’m making films. I’ve never felt a stronger pull towards anything in my life quite like this.


I thought for a long long long time that everyone knows what they want to do, and maybe they are just being lazy or something. Then I realized its really rare to be 8 years old and know exact what you want to do for the rest of your life.

That was me.

and now 32 years later….

I’m having a moment.



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